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Step into an ecosystem brought alive by data, where the right fit feels like walking on air and jaw-dropping shopping experiences can happen on any channel.


Volumental In store User InterfaceVolumental In store User Interface


We're building the next generation of footwear recommendations based on bleeding-edge fit science, with that intangible, grass-between-your-toes, walking-on-clouds component of what just feels right.

Volumental recommendations use machine learning to find the best shoes for every customer’s one-of-a-kind shape. Our algorithms are trained to get smarter each time someone walks out the door with a pair of shoes, matching foot shape with fit preference to support every shopper’s unique needs and choices. Learn more about how we create personalized recommendations.

The Volumental Fit Engine interface on an iPad
Volumental targeted marketing on an iPhone

True personalization, powered by fit

Volumental’s platform Engage is your bridge between bricks and clicks, helping you create a consistent end-to-end experience that doesn't come to a screeching halt once a customer leaves your store.

Forget spammy emails – launch personal marketing campaigns based on real data from your shoppers' feet. Instead of talking to them as targets or hypotheticals, build long term relationships with customers through truly relevant content – promoting only the products that fit. You'll see engagement and conversion rates soar as their real lives and digital lives finally come together.

The Volumental ecommerce solution on a computer screen

THE NEW frontier of e-commerce

With more and more companies bringing their stores online, the internet can sometimes feel like the Wild Wild West – an endless landscape of products where it’s pretty easy to get lost. But never fear! In reality, e-commerce is your brand’s best opportunity to take control and stay consistent across channels.

It’s also where Volumental's omnichannel ecosystem can make shopping more personal, not less. By letting customers re-use their 3D data online, they get tailored fit advice that goes way beyond shoe size – putting the right shoes on their doorstep and reducing your returns.

Volumental Omni Channel
Volumental analytics dashboard
Graphs and dashboard of the Volumental Cloud Analytics

SCAN, Track, LEARN, grow

With Volumental, you can now trace a shopper’s complete journey with your brand, from what they try to what they buy – and everything in between. We’ll help you look deeper than foot measurements and make sense of every metric, transforming data insights into brilliant decisions for your footwear business.

Wondering what you can track?

Store clerk scanning a customer with Volumental 3D foot scanning


Rather than relying on clunky Brannock devices, our 3D foot scanner takes just 5 seconds to bring the whole intricate architecture of customers’ feet to life right before their eyes. From there, the linked software lays out detailed fit-zones to reveal exactly what makes their shape special – from heel to toe. And because our solution ties directly with your store’s live inventory, staff can lead everyone to their perfect pair on the spot or online.  

Volumental personalized marketing


In the digital age of shopping, people don’t need to go to a store to experience your brand. In fact, 88% of consumers research a company online before ever setting foot in retail. Today, people aren’t (only) using their phones to watch cute cat videos, they’re browsing the entire internet for their next favorite pair of shoes.

Volumental’s omnichannel products are the key to building a
world-class mobile environment that connects directly to your store. No matter where your customers are – whether that's with their feet up in the living room or (if conquering the world is more their sort of thing) scrolling from a mountaintop  – the journey can start on mobile.

Volumental personalized marketing
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Growing your footwear business by creating fit experiences your customers will love.
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