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Volumental Engage

Use our powerful data to deliver a personalized customer journey, both in-store and online. Create targeted digital marketing and e-commerce tools to deliver the fit experience across marketplaces - everywhere your customers buy.

E-commerce as unique as your brand

Shoppers love personalization
Open rate from personalized campaigns
Higher conversion from promotions
Share data for personalized experience
True personalization, powered by fit
Volumental’s Engage platform is your bridge between bricks and clicks, helping you create a consistent end-to-end experience that doesn't come to a screeching halt once a customer leaves your store.

Forget spammy emails – launch personal marketing campaigns based on real data from your shoppers' feet. Instead of talking to them as targets or in hypotheticals, build long-term relationships with customers through truly relevant content – promoting only the products that fit. You'll see engagement and conversion rates soar as their real lives and digital lives finally come together.
Personal Shoe Wall
Imagine every shopper getting their own list of perfectly fitting shoes, generated based on their favorite shoe types and their unique foot shape. The Engage platform uses scans and/or previous purchases to build e-commerce experiences that are entirely tailored to each of your customers.
E-commerce Fit Visualizations
Volumental Engage shows how each shoe style fits on your shopper’s feet on all dimensions - not just the length. Shoppers won’t forget the experience of buying shoes from your store and will surely come back for more.
Shoe Fit Tags
Our existing database of 24 million (and counting) foot scans, together with retail purchase data allows us to share detailed fit information about each shoe style, even for unidentified shoppers online who visit your e-commerce store for the first time.
Unmatched marketing personalization
Personalized marketing doesn’t end with emails that just address shoppers by their first name. Volumental Engage takes your customers’ unique foot data and turns it into compelling campaigns with personalized product recommendations.

Examples of campaigns you can run:
  • Create a mailing list of customers that are a perfect match with a given shoe
  • Tell parents exactly when their kids have grown out of their shoes
  • Reach out to your customers with a unique set of product recommendations, tailored just for them
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