In one click and less than five seconds, the Volumental 3D foot scanner provides a complete scan of a pair of feet to an accuracy of +1/-1mm. The scanner produces a detailed 3D model of the foot, including extraction of not just length and width, but 10 separate specific measurements, all sent to the retailer's tablet and shown in a compelling UI. Speedy scanning makes it easy for store clerks to focus on what they do best, helping shoppers find the right shoes.

In addition to its contemporary Swedish design, integrating seamlessly into anything from hockey stores to upscale fashion boutiques, the 3D foot scanner is light, durable and adapted for easy transport.

The accompanying software brings the 3D foot scans scans to life. Once hooked up to a tablet or another in-store screen, it’s easy for store associates or a shopper to rotate and manipulate the foot model. This discovery moment creates an educational moment that sets the shopping experience apart, creating a unique opportunity to connect between shopper and brand.

Moreover, the foot information alone makes it easy for knowledgeable store associates to recommend the shoe models that best fit a shopper’s feet.

All of this data - the shopper’s email and foot profile - are stored for easy future access. The scan data is emailed to the customer for their own future reference, as well as for the basis for future marketing and sales opportunities.

The Volumental Fit Engine is an AI-driven recommendation platform based on a database of feet, shoe and shopper preference variables. Scan a shopper, and the Fit Engine will automatically rank the shoes currently in stock according to how well they fit that shopper. This allows you as a retailer to recommend, with absolute confidence, the best fitting shoe for the shopper.

The Fit Engine algorithm works by combining historical purchase data with foot scan data. Scanned foot data is matched against these foot, shoe and shopper preference variables, resulting in a ranking shoe styles in the sizes perfectly suited to the shopper.

The Fit Engine means no more guesswork, no more time wasted on trying on the wrong shoes and happier customers reassured that they have received the very best product and the very best service just for them. The end result: an increase in sales conversion, more time to build a great relationship, higher customer loyalty and the ability to target your customer with personal marketing after they leave the store.


Real-time. Actionable. Transparent.

The Cloud Analytics Platform gives footwear retailers access to all collected 3D scans and associated data. Unlocking a brand new type of customer data allows retailers and brands to  simplify a number of activities, allows rapid response to trends, and provides an invaluable source of insights for managers, marketing, and R&D departments.

Boost scanner performance and grow revenues by keeping an eye on scanning patterns and conversion rates. Make stock decisions based on actual size and shape of customers’ feet and purchasing decisions.

The data is available in real-time, viewable either in visually appealing dashboards and reports or downloadable files for customized analysis.


Personalized. Relevant. Omnichannel.

The foot scan forms the core data in the ongoing relationship between customer and brand. Re-engage customers and boost customer retention with targeted marketing based on foot data and purchasing patterns, using the contact information from a customer profile. Remind a parent when it’s time to rescan a child for new footwear purchases.

This contextual communication blurs the online and offline worlds together, creating a smooth omnichannel experience. Extend the trusted customer relationship, born out of an interactive retail experience, to bridge both worlds.


Data-driven. Customized. Visionary.

For the first time, footwear manufacturers and brands can truly work with big data. Hundreds of thousands of feet allows for deep digging into shopper data to respond to regional differences in both foot shape and shoe tastes.

This allows manufacturers to guide future product development, knowing without a doubt that shoes will fit shoppers’ feet.

At an individual shopper level, individual foot scans open the gates to bespoke manufacturing at mass scale. Premium bespoke artisans, athletic brands and insole manufacturers alike can transform foot scans into one-of-a-kind products.