What is the data from Volumental foot scanners telling us about post-corona retail in the USA?

Here are Volumental’s 3 observations based on data and experiences with our customers from the past few months of the covid-19 crisis.
1. The retail store is alive.
Interestingly we have recently reached a milestone of 6 million people scanning themselves for shoes worldwide. What does this mean? People are going into stores and buying shoes. This week we saw that scanning across North America was at 35% in comparison to a few months ago (March 2 - 8, the last week before the lockdown) whereas 5 weeks ago it was at 1% in comparison to the last week before lockdown. We don’t want to predict the future, but we can observe the present landscape and we see retail on a comeback.
2. Having a Volumental scanner makes footwear retail stores more efficient, adaptable, and safer at times like these.
Though controversial, many stores are reopening all across North America, Europe, Australia, and they are adapting to a new way of fitting their customers. With the scanner, customers can be fitted while maintaining a safe physical distance, no foot touching needed here. Our Customer Success team has been working closely with stores across the world from brands like New Balance, Fleet Feet, Bauer, and The Athlete's Foot (Australia), to make sure store owners can provide a safe environment for their customers. Volumental has been working hard to provide resources like how to clean scanners, how to use the scanner to maintain physical distancing, and also how to gather customers emails so retailers can stay in touch afterwards, and even set up a virtual fitting process.
3. Innovation; a fancy misused word? Innovation means change.
Yes, change is scary but inevitable and something that came very quickly in the past few months and one thing that's certain is that those who found it hard to adapt were those who thought of innovating too late. One thing we noticed was that our customers could keep up with a fast-changing environment because they had invested in omnichannel products, allowing them to build out their ecommerce capabilities while their stores were closed, setting themselves up to be prepared for the crisis, and a post-covid world.

Thanks for reading and stay safe.
Portrait image of Moritz Schiebold
CEO, Volumental