We provide quick, accurate measurements and an AI-driven recommendation system. This allows you as a retailer to recommend, with absolute confidence, a selection of footwear that is a great fit for your customer. Our Fit Engine means no more guesswork, no more time wasted on trying on the wrong shoes and happier customers, reassured that they have received the very best product and the very best service, just for them. The end result: an increase in sales conversion, more time to build a great relationship, higher customer loyalty and the ability to target your customer with personal marketing after they leave the store.


In addition to this, you get access to the Volumental Cloud Solution, which provides real-time analytics and reports, simplifying a number of activities, including inventory management, targeted marketing offers, and sales follow-up. This further allows manufacturers to benefit from a wealth of real-time customer data, from regional foot metrics to customer purchase decisions, allowing rapid response to trends and providing an invaluable source of data for managers, marketing, and R&D departments.


Having a perfect 3D scan of the foot is only half the battle - the key to the perfect fit is matching that scan with the ideal shoe. Through extensive research, Volumental's VP Product Ales Jurca has found that there can be up to four sizes difference between the same stated size of shoe, dependent on brand. With our Fit Engine, we can match foot shape to shoe features, based on specific measurements, rather than just a rough size estimate, effectively eliminating this discrepancy. 

The Fit Engine not only matches foot and shoe shape, it also takes into account a customer's fit preference. All customers believe their fit preference is “normal” and yet all are slightly or greatly different. The Fit Engine looks at the customer's buying history and makes recommendations accordingly - in essence it knows more about their preferences than they do. The Volumental solution also generates a treasure trove of data for marketing purposes - every scan increases understanding of foot shape and buying preference, all tied to an email address, allowing the retailer create customised sales opportunities.

Most importantly, the solution results in a better in-store experience - by being fun, engaging and creating trust, retailers can build up a great relationship with the customer, resulting in better sales opportunities. 


The Volumental solution also generates a treasure trove of data for R&D purposes - every scan increases understanding of foot shape and buying preference, allowing manufacturers to truly understand customer purchases and respond to regional differences in both foot shapes and taste. Here are just some of the benefits:

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - remove 'size confusion' and increase brand loyalty

IMPROVE THE PRODUCT - gather data regarding foot size/shape/purchase to guide future product development

CUSTOMISATION - incorporate scanned measurements into bespoke manufacturing to allow for mass customization 

IMPROVE INVENTORY MANAGEMENT - make stock decisions based on actual size and shape of all customers' feet and purchasing choices

RE-ENGAGE - leverage targeted marketing to your customers based on foot data and purchasing patterns, with contact information from personalised scans

OMNI-CHANNEL - a personal experience online and offline - the ultimate bridge of the gap between both worlds