Recommending shoes does not just require in-depth knowledge about the foot, it also requires knowledge about the shoe and about the person’s personal fitting preference. With the Volumental Scanner we have taken the first imperative step towards finding your customers great fitting shoes. With the Volumental Fit Engine we are taking the next leap and adding knowledge about the shoe and the fitting preference.


As most industry people know, a size 9 is not the same across all brands and models. Our experts’ studies have shown that there is up to four sizes in difference between a same style shoe from different brands even if they state the same size. (Article by Volumental's product owner Ales Jurca) This is why the Volumental Fit Engine bases the recommendation on the actual fit of the shoes, not on the number on the label.


There are many more areas of the foot than just your heel to toe length that determine which shoes will fit you. Our experts participated in a research project with more than 10,000 people scanned. The research shows that there is a significant difference in height and widths between different feet and assessing these extra measurements is paramount to getting a well fitting shoe. (Article by Volumental's product owner Ales Jurca) The Volumental Fit Engine takes this into account by using multiple foot measurements when assessing fit, providing a more accurate fit guidance than any standard fitting process can.


An important aspect of fitting a pair of shoes is personal preference. Some people like to be able to wiggle their toes, and some like a more snug fit. Our research shows that for people with very similarly sized and shaped feet, the difference between a person preferring loose fit and another person preferring tight fit is two full shoe sizes. However, when asked, most people stated to have average fit preference. This is expected - it’s average to them. This means recommending shoes to someone requires knowing more about the customer’s preferences than the customer does herself. Fortunately, the Fit Engine does. With the Volumental fit engine we are taking the next leap in combining all these data points in to be able to recommend the customer a shoe he or she will consider a perfect fit.