Our body scanning enables a world in which everything you wear is customized to your body

Volumental + SCAROSSO

Volumental is excited to introduce a partnership with SCAROSSO, maker of handcrafted Italian leather shoes. Together Volumental and SCAROSSO are exploring how cutting edge 3D body scanning can be combined with the art of bespoke shoemaking to offer shoes that are made with the wearer in mind.

Using Volumental’s foot scanning software SCAROSSO customers will be able to scan their feet in just seconds. The resulting 3D model will be used to make a custom last and bespoke Italian leather shoes. With SCAROSSO and Volumental working together the technology of the future meets the craft of the past.

Let me know when I can get custom shoes using 3D scanning technology

Our 3D scanning

Volumental makes it easy to create accurate 3D models using depth cameras in mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and phones.

Our 3D models are easily exported and used to create customized products or to match customers to existing products.

How do we do 3D scanning?

Customer Case

We built the ShoeSizer because we know how difficult it can be to find well-fitting shoes. The application captures the foot from the front and both sides and takes only a few seconds to tell you which shoes will fit.

This application shows one of the ways in which our 3D technology can improve the shopping experience today.

ShoeSizer and our 3D scanning


Excited about buying fully customized products?

We’ll make sure to update you on upcoming product launches!


- 2mm accuracy in less than 10 seconds

- Works with all depth cameras on the market

- Used by market leaders in retail and orthotics


Want to see an example of our work?

In September we demoed our ShoeSizer on stage at Intel Developers forum (IDF).

Watch Intel demo the ShoeSizer at IDF

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