Building a world that fits you

3D body scanning in stores for customization and product recommendations.

Digitally tailored eyewear

Volumental and luxury eyewear manufacturer Mykita are setting the standard for custom fit eyewear. By combining 3D scanning, parametric design and additive manufacturing, we enable glasses where the style and fit of the frames are tailored to the individual topography of each face. Read more about our work with MYKITA.

In-store 3D scanning

By enabling 3D scanning in stores environment Volumental’s technology provides data and insights to ensure customers are buying products with a great fit.


In seconds our in-store foot scanning technology, VANDRA by Volumental, creates a full 3D model of the feet. A tablet displays the model along with foot measurements and analysis that allow a salesperson to give the customer product recommendations. The measurements can also be used as the basis for bespoke or made-to-measure shoes.


Visualize and customize frames on a 3D model of your customer’s head in real time with VACKER by Volumental. Our technology allows you to adjust the bridge, temple length, inclination angle, opening angle and scaling of the frames to the topography of the customer’s face. The result is the accurate parametric data needed to make bespoke frames using additive manufacturing. Learn more about our technology.

“Volumental is making bespoke tailoring as accessible as taking a smartphone snap“


“An online 3D scanning service that's exciting investors and consumers“ - The New York Times

“The perfectly fitting shoe is just a click away“ - The Guardian