Volumental’s mission is to transform the footwear industry, enabling a completely personalised experience in fitting and finding the perfect footwear. Volumental combines the world's fastest high accuracy 3D foot scanning system for retail, with an advanced AI driven 'Fit Engine' that generates highly personalised footwear recommendations.

Developed in Stockholm, Sweden, the Volumental solution drives sales, increases customer satisfaction and provides detailed data for research and development. Working with partners such as New Balance, Bauer and Ecco, the Volumental scanning solution is used across the globe.


Volumental offers a beautifully designed hardware and software solution to 3D scan your feet and provide footwear recommendations through the AI driven Fit Engine. With one click, the scanner is capable of producing a complete scan of both feet in under 5 seconds, to an accuracy of +/- 1mm. The scan produces a detailed 3D model of the foot, including extraction of not just length and width, but 10 separate specific measurements, all sent to the retailer's tablet and shown in a compelling UI. This data is used in combination with the store expertise to help guide your customers to the right shoes.

The scanner can be combined with the Volumental Fit Engine - an AI driven recommendation engine based on a database of feet, shoe and customer preference variables. The scanned data is matched against these variables, resulting in a selection of shoe recommendations in the size perfectly suited to the customer. The scan data is emailed to the customer, to enhance the experience and as the basis for future marketing and sales opportunities. There are 3 keys to fitting perfection - understanding feet, shoes and personal preference. Learn more about this in the following section.


1. A complete understanding of the exact dimensions of the foot  

More than just length

2. A complete understanding of the exact properties the shoe

E.g. if they are better suited for wide feet or a high instep 

3. A complete understanding of the customer's preferences 

Such as whether they prefer a loose or tight fit

There is much more to finding the perfect shoe than just knowing the heel to toe length. To better understand this our foot guru Ales Jurca lead a research project, scanning more than 10,000 people to understand how foot shape determines fit of shoes.

With the Volumental solution, combining accurate 3D foot scanning with an AI driven Fit Engine based on a database of feet, shoes and preferences, we can finally offer a truly comprehensive service for retail that also creates an amazing consumer experience.



These are the foot silhouettes of a group of customers that prefer the exact same shoe size in a specific model. Notice the difference between the longest and shortest foot length. As you can see having the same foot size is not at all the same as having the same shoe size. Fortunately, we understand the importance of personal preference and use it as a part of our recommendations.