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Volumental + SCAROSSO

Italian leather shoe brand SCAROSSO is launching a bespoke line using Volumental’s 3D technology. In order to offer a bespoke line while building a rapidly growing business SCAROSSO turned to Volumental.

The future of bespoke

Our solution captures all the measurements needed for bespoke shoes in seconds and integrates with their last makers. Using Volumental’s foot scanning software SCAROSSO customers will first be able to scan their feet in stores and have their measurements linked to their SCAROSSO customer account so they can continue to shop from home. In a second phase customers will also be able to scan from home. The 3D scan will be used to make a custom last and bespoke Italian leather shoes but customers will also receive recommendations for shoes that fit them from SCAROSSO’s other product lines. With SCAROSSO and Volumental working together the technology of the future meets the craft of the past.

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